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The welfare of the planet is as important to our business as it no doubt is to yours. It’s something we take very seriously and we consider the environmental impact of every part of our business from the vehicles we drive to the waste we dispose of.

Fuel efficiency & carbon management:

UK Mail is committed to reducing the distance travelled by our fleet, trialling new technologies to reduce our vehicles’ fuel consumption and investigating the most efficient fuel options.

To this end we have the following initiatives in place:
  • We use route software to significantly reduce fuel usage by optimising journey distances
  • We have partially automated our sortation methods at our Birmingham hub with the installation of a £1.5m conveyor and belt system
  • We have introduced new vehicle loading techniques which reduce the number of vehicle routes
  • Our staff have a personal objective of reducing business mileage by 5% - retail fuel cards have been removed and teleconferencing is actively encouraged
  • All our double decker trailers have sloping fronts which dramatically decreases fuel consumption – effectively driving down CO2 emissions by up to 25 tonnes per vehicle per year
  • We are also trialling a new aerodynamic, teardrop trailer design which has, so far, improved our emissions levels by 8.5%
  • All our vehicles have bespoke aerodynamic kits which have improved the miles per gallon achieved by between 5-10%
  • Vehicles and trailers are specified to run on road-friendly air suspension reducing wear of components, damage to the road network and noise pollution
  • We have trialled ‘energy’ tyres which provide approximately 6% less rolling resistance and reduce fuel consumption
  • We encourage use of our ground-breaking, hybrid desktop to doormat mail solution, imail, which by combining the ease of electronic communication with the impact of physical mail drives down carbon emissions.

The results speak for themselves...

  • Mileage has been cut by one million kilometres in the years 2009/2010 and a further 750,000km in 2010/11 - saving 235 tonnes of CO2 emissions collectively
  • A further 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been reduced by increasing vehicle inspection frequencies
  • Carbon emissions have been slashed by a further 700 tonnes per annum now that more than half of our forklift trucks are electric (as opposed to diesel-run)
  • imail cuts the carbon footprint of producing and delivering physical mail by more than 80% - every time it is used by a customer

As a result of implementing the above initiatives we were able to achieve our target of cutting carbon emissions from our vehicles by 7% in 2010/12. Our aim is reduce this by a further 5% by 2016.

Other Environmental Initiatives

  1. Energy Usage

  2. Waste Management