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At UK Mail, we consider caring for the environment and wider communities to be two of the single most important challenges confronting companies today.
In our view, corporate social responsibility includes voluntary actions of best practice as well as the need to meet legislation and we aim to work in a way that proactively makes a positive difference to our community and the environment. Like so many businesses, our activities invariably have both a direct and indirect impact on our society and the environment. 

We are pleased to have achieved ISO 14001 compliance across all our depots during 2014. 

Our Commitments

We are committed to managing and reducing the impacts responsibly and endeavour to conduct our business according to the following principles:    
  • Improving fuel efficiency of our vehicle fleet by reviewing vehicle design, finding ways to improve our ‘miles per gallon’, using lower emission fuels and ensuring our vehicles are monitored to operate at the optimum level of efficiency
  • Through effective route planning we aim to reduce the distance travelled by our vehicle fleet and always strive to optimise our vehicle fill
  • Driving product innovations in a bid to reduce the environmental impact of our operation even further
  • To fulfil the obligations we signed up to as set out in the UN Global Compact
  • To work towards certification of OHSAS18001 (British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems
We continue to campaign internally to raise awareness amongst our employees of the environmental impact of their actions. This has seen employees consciously switching off lights, powering off machines and using on-site recycling facilities. Management at depots have also been empowered to introduce practices which will encourage a reduction in on-site energy usage and waste, and increase recycling.


  1. Our 2013 - 2016 Targets