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Unsorted Mail - if you need your mail to be sorted to optimise costs

UK Mail has the largest nationally integrated sortation network in the UK with 14 sortation machines in 6 Regional Sortation Centres, each an integral part of our collection and distribution network.

Not restricted to a 1st or 2nd class service, with UK Mail you can choose from Business Class, our 2-day delivery service, or Economy Class, our 3-day delivery option, depending on your individual requirements.

We have the ability to offer a range of sortation services, including services for customers with their own Royal Mail access contracts and Agency Access

Our Sortation Centres can process all formats i.e. Letter (DL and C5), Large Letters and Parcels (up to 2kg) and (depending on mail quality), can present mail to standard, OCR or CBC mail specifications

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 6 strategically located Mail Sortation Centres with state of the art machinery,giving nationwide coverage and comprehensive services
  • 2 and 3 Day Definite delivery options, so you can choose a service to match your requirements
  • Video Encoding, allowing your more poorly addressed items to be processed as normal
  • Comprehensive management information, to tell you about our performance with your mail
  • Later collection times, which means you can post later and still get a 2-day service
  • Dynamic Bin Allocation, so items of your mail can be followed through to handover to Royal Mail
  • Printing the Posting Indicator and/or Return Address, allowing use of plain envelopes for your mail