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Outbound International Mail Service Update 29.04.20

by Prod Sync | Apr 29, 2020

Outbound International Mail Service Update: 29th April

The list of flight restrictions and delays has not yet eased. Air cargo capacity is still very restricted and at a significantly higher cost.

At UK Mail we use a variety of outbound routes, including but not exclusive to Royal Mail. Therefore when one route is closed to us we are actively seeking to divert through others. It is likely that there will be delays in the transport chain but our current recommendation is for you to continue to send international mail in to us. At UK Mail we are still committed to processing your items on time and presenting at our Agents for outbound flights. We will continue to do so whilst this is still viable.

There are a number of countries which have imposed a full embargo. Items already posted will be processed but may be held, depending upon availability of outlets to these destinations as things change.

The list of embargoed countries changes daily (even hourly) and we recommend you use the Royal Mail International Incident Report site for updates:

Routes to the USA, Australia and New Zealand remain open but at a higher cost to serve. This increased cost will be passed on to customers as a surcharge.